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New Bazaar Table Display

Fairbanks Holiday Bazaar Delivers Some Unexpected Results

Last weekend I participated in the Quota International of Fairbanks Holiday Bazaar. I had a lot of fun, learned some new things, and experienced several interesting developments for The Winking Moose that were unexpected.

New Bazaar Table Display

I arrived at this bazaar with a large inventory, a few new products, and a beautiful slice of wood (pictured above) that had been given to me to help take my display to the next level. Being well-prepared and having gained a little experience in the world of bazaars gave me the opportunity to relax and have fun interacting with the people visiting my table. I think this bazaar was the most enjoyable event of the season thus far for The Winking Moose.

The first unexpected situation that occurred began when I realized my price tag displays were left at home. I upgraded most of my signs for this bazaar and I was so focused on the new signs that I forgot to bring the old pricing signs. This “mistake” may have led to more customer engagement because people had to ask me about prices. While the quiet type or introverted person may have disliked the lack of displayed prices, it didn’t seem to phase most people who visited my booth and may have led to more moose nugget artwork conversations, which I enjoyed.

Alaska Moose Nugget Christmas Pin

At my first bazaar, a woman admiring the Alaska Mooseltoe Magnet informed me that she was interested, but would prefer the moose poop product as a pin that she could wear. I took her suggestion and designed a pin lacking the glittery mistletoe (which I assumed would end up all over a person’s clothing). The Alaska Moose Nugget Christmas Pin debuted at the last bazaar and its sales increased during this most recent event. Her suggestion was a good one which led me to include the Alaska Moose Nugget Christmas Pin in my online artwork collection.

Recently, I have become very interested in the Chaga Mushroom which grows on birch trees in many parts of Alaska. I remember noticing this black bulge growing on trees as a kid thinking that maybe it was from a fire that had passed through my parent’s property before I was born. After learning about its potential healing properties and discovering society’s growing interest in Chaga, I decided to process some to put on my table at the bazaar.

Alaska Chaga Chunks

Customers were more interested in the Alaska Chaga Mushroom than I expected and several people purchased some of the packaged portions from my table. The Winking Moose now offers the Wild Alaska Chaga Mushroom online and I plan to bring it to future bazaars this season.

Alaska Ground Chaga

The final unexpected opportunity arose when a fellow artist approached my table. She introduced herself and mentioned that she operates Jade Resale Boutique, a local clothing store here in Fairbanks. She was very nice and invited The Winking Moose to participate in her store’s First Friday event on December 6, 2013. I am excited to be part of a Fairbanks First Friday Event as an artist since I have always enjoyed these local art shows.

Well that about wraps it up. Thanks to the Quota International of Fairbanks for holding such a great holiday bazaar. I especially enjoyed it when they delivered free coffee to my table. Happy crafting and I look forward to the next holiday bazaar this Saturday November, 30 at Pioneer Park!