The Alaska Moosquito – Real Moose Poop!

The Alaska Moosquito
Alaska Moosquito


Alaska is famous for housing the largest moose species on earth as well as some of the most voracious mosquitoes around. This unique piece of artwork combines the best and the worst of Alaska wildlife into the adorable Alaska Moosquito! This high tech modern art utilizes 3D printing, sealed moose poop, a porcupine quill proboscis and fine craftsmanship from the Land of the Midnight Sun: Fairbanks, Alaska. Get yours today before they run out! Also available as a Christmas tree ornament for the 2014 holiday season.

$14.95 USD

All of our moose poop is personally collected and handpicked for superior quality. To ensure safety and zero unpleasant aroma, each dropping is fully dried and double-coated with polyurethane to thoroughly seal and strengthen each nugget.

More Pictures:

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