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Dear Moose Nugget Enthusiasts,

Welcome to The Winking Moose!

Moose feeding on twigs

I just wanted to send out a personal greeting for the grand opening of my business. Currently, all of our products are handmade gifts and jewelry created using the same inspirational product: a moose nugget made by a local moose in Fairbanks, Alaska.

moose nuggets

The Winking Moose began with the idea of The Alaska Moosquito. This cute, high-tech, and one of a kind animal involves everything from 3D printed plastic wings to a porcupine quill proboscis and is sure to excite any Alaska enthusiast.

Alaska Moosquito

Next I want to introduce a product designed specifically for the 2013 Christmas season: The Alaska Moose Nugget Christmas Ornament. Of all the moose-specific ornaments out there this may be the only one that a moose actually helped to make!

Alaska Moose Nugget Christmas Ornament

Finally, to begin my quest into the growing field of moose dropping jewelry, I have made Alaska Moose Nugget Earrings. What sets these poop earrings apart from the rest is that they are both elegant and silly; a true gag-gift in disguise.

Alaska Moose Nugget Earrings

Feel free to check out the rest of this website or find The Winking Moose on Etsy. I have many other ideas which will soon be available so keep coming back for updates. And don’t be shy, I am happy to complete custom moose nugget products to suit your personal imagination! Just email me at:

Thanks for dropping by,

The Winking Moose

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