Alaska Mooseltoe Magnet

How I Made The Alaska Mooseltoe Magnet

I decided to make an Alaska Mooseltoe product some time ago, but I was unsure exactly where to begin. This wouldn’t be the first time someone made a moose-related mistletoe product so I knew mine had to be unique. Since Christmas is a time where families and friends gather to eat and cook, I decided it might be fun to encourage mistletoe interactions in the heart of festive food preparations: the kitchen.

A magnet became the logical choice for the mooseltoe product, but it could also be made into a very nice Mooseltoe Christmas Ornament for the tree. Incorporating moose nuggets from the largest droppings of any moose on earth is one thing, but then making a mooseltoe product for either the kitchen or Christmas tree makes this product both comical and versatile.

Each Mooseltoe Magnet is made by attaching a magnet and synthetic mistletoe to a tiny wreath. Next, I place the sealed moose poop in the middle of the wreath after attaching the hand bent wire antlers, googly, eyes, and red nose. Tada!

Alaska Mooseltoe Magnet

Moose majestically roam the untouched wild of Alaska grazing on twigs which they eventually deposit, leading to enriched soil: an important part of the biological nutrient cycle. Each moose nugget collected by The Winking Moose is literally a beautiful part of Alaska neatly fashioned by nature into something you and your family can treasure for many seasons to come.
Each Alaska Mooseltoe Magnet, or any of our other products are great ways to enjoy something that only comes from Fairbanks, Alaska!

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